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The One Critical Element Missing From 92% Of Diversity And Inclusion Strategies

While research shows bias around sexuality and race has declined precipitously over the last 12 years, the one area where unconscious bias has barely shifted is ageism.

Chief Operating Officer’s insight:

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Do and donҴs of navigating data analytics in the cloud

It’s important to remember that the cloud isn’t magic. In fact, it’s just like any other infrastructure option available to the enterprise, with its own unique benefits and challenges.Read the full article at: www.information-management.comBusiness Consultant* This article was originally pub…

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Only 24 hours left to apply for TC Top Picks at Disrupt SF 2019

This post was originally published on this siteEarly-stage startup founders, you have just 24 hours left to complete one small task — a task that holds the potential to shift your venture into hyperdrive. Apply to be a TC Top Pick and the chance to exhibit for free at Disrupt San Francisco 2…

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Q&A: Understanding speech analytics: What do customers want? (Includes interview)

How can businesses keep the customer satisfied?It takes a mix of customer journey insight, surveys and measurement, an omni-channel experience, augmented reality and virtual reality tech according to Jeff Gallino, of CallMiner…

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DonҴ be too quick to dismiss established best practices for email

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